Phone xdating

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xdating at the phone

Late in the night, i was going to bed when the phone rings. It was a completely stranger, a woman she said, in her fortys. I told her it was wrong number, but she insisted. She wanted to get horny, using the phone as a hot line, using me to get wet and come. We were chating for hours, about any subject, until she gets her goal. The next day she called again, same story, but she was directly to the point, and it lasts less than an hour this time. The calls continued by about a week, until she asked me my address for an blind i mean xdating, but I dont wanted, so I decided to met in a public place, just in case. I thought she would be an old woman, divorced or widow, wanting some action, not so pretty, because shw was so, she can get any man she wants. I was right in the divorced part. She was and incredible woman, not so young, but by far my choice over some twenty or thirty ones. We drinked some wine, and she asked me to go directly to the point. We went to a hotel. She was a savage one, and she didnt left me until we did it three times. Then she get dressed and said bye. I never see her again. Weird heh? Well it was my xdating, post yours.
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